Wednesday, 24 September 2014



I've created a simple, easy to use Java chat application. Its not a great visually appealing, high end application but can suffice the purpose of communication in a LAN. We can even use this in our labs to communicate with our friends. Give it a try and report if there are any errors.

You can set any username. The IPAddress field always takes the destination computer IP Address. If you are using Group Chat, enter a Multicast IP Address.

More info:

I've implemented this using only UDP (no Sockets or ServerSockets). Hence, no need of centralized server to listen for requests and establishing connections. It is completely a peer to peer app and it just sends the message to the target machine (doesn't matter the receiver is online or not) and doesn't report any errors (acknowledgements) if the receiver doesn't receive it successfully.  

This app can work in two modes :- Single (One-to-One chat) or Group chat. With 'Group Chat' option selected, one need to enter a Multicast IP Address which other people in the group are using and every one in the group should stick to the same port.

The Attach Files feature is not yet implemented in this version (due to some bugs), you can expect this in the next update. Any bugs, please comment.

Don't forget to minimize the app when faculty is near by :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Operating system lab programs [update]

Operating system lab programs


1.  First Come First Serve (FCFS)    

2. Shortest Remaining Time First (SJF with preemption ,SRTF)  

3. Priority Scheduling (Preemptive)  

4. Round Robin (RR)      

For the above programs, input should be given in increasing order of arrival time (applicable for SRTF and Priority). Inorder to reduce the complexity of the code, the flexibility of giving random order of arrival times is not included in the program. You can also apply any sorting technique to this code to add that feature. 

These programs are working perfectly for almost all cases, if any bugs are there please comment below.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Operating System lab programs

Operating system lab programs forwarded by our OS sir

1. First Come First Serve Scheduling Algorithm (FCFS)   

2. Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm (SJF)   

3. Priority Based Scheduling Algorithm  

4. Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm (RR)   

5. Banker's Algorithm  

6. Deadlock Detection   

7. MVT   

8. MFT  

9. First In First Out (FIFO)   

10. Paging   

11. Optimal