Saturday, 23 March 2013

Latest and best android applications package [download]

Dear Android lovers, this is a package of 33 apps which are tested and working fine. Below are the contents of individual apps.


Just install the apps with (.apk) files.
You may need to download the DATA+OBB file for some of apps.

Recommended minimum OS version : 2.3.6




1) Apex Launcher Pro v1.4.4.
2) Apex Launcher Pro UNLOCKER v1.0.
3) BaDoink Video Downloader PLUS v1.1.10.
4) Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v2.2.1.
5) Burt Destruction v1.1.
6) CamScanner(License)PDF Creator v1.4.
7) Chameleon Launcher v2.0.0.
8) Color Booth Pro v1.2.7.
9) Color Splash Effect Pro v1.4.3.
10) Face Blender v2.0.6.
11) Google Chrome v25.0.1364.123.
12) Gymrat Workout Planner & Log v1.0.5.
13) HD 3D Launcher PRO v1.1.4.
14) JellyBean 4.2 HD Apex Theme v1.2.
15) Machinarium v1.6.11.
16) AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO v3.1.1.
17) Nova Launcher Prime v2.0.1.
18) Order & Chaos Online v1.3.0.
19) PicSay Pro v1.6.
20) Plasticine Jungle Live Wallpaper v1.0.5.
21) Plasticine Ocean Live Wallpaper v1.0.10.
22) PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker 1.1-build-12.
23) Proximity Screen Off Pro v5.6.
24) RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP) v1.86.
25) Ringtone Maker Pro v1.4.9.
26) Sidebar Pro v4.0.0.
27) Slingshot Racing v1.3.0.3.
28) Smart Launcher Pro v1.3.20.b.
29) Talking Tom Cat 2 v2.1.1.
30) Tapatalk Forum App (All Colours) v2.4.13.
32) Wiki Encyclopedia Pro v2.8.
33) XDA Premium v2.2.1.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Subway surfers for pc auto-emulated download

Subway surfers, an android game which became very popular. This game basically runs on ARM machines with android operating system. Due its popularity, developers designed this game for x-86 and x-64 machines with windows operating system.


1. First download the archive file.
2. After downloading the file, extract the contents to a separate folder.

3. Run the file named setup.exe  in that folder.

4. After installing, you can directly run the game from the shortcut provided on the desktop and start playing.

5. It is a great deal to play this game with mouse or track pad because the cursor may not be in the game window as long as we play the game, So you can configure keyboard settings with the help of a third plugin and a small script.

6. Now open the folder(extracted) and install the Auto hot key plugin.

7. After installing this plugin, open the file named script.txt from the extracted folder and copy the entire code from that file.

        (You cannot directly copy text from this box, so open the file script.txt  and copy the code from that)

8. After copying that code, run notepad  and paste this code and save this file as subway.ahk on the desktop.
     (Note: Don't save the file in txt mode, select All files before saving)

9.  After that double click the file (subway.ahk).

10. Now open the game and start playing the game with keyboard keys (Arrow keys).

11. After playing the game, go to the right bottom of the task bar and identify the subway.ahk icon, right click it and select suspend hot keys.

12. When ever you want to play the game again then deselect the suspend hot keys option and play the game.

Enjoy... Have a nice day...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Chemsitry Assignment

Dear b1 visitors, this is Chemistry assignment questions soft copy.

Mathematics II semester assignment

This is Higher Engineering Mathematics- I assignment questions.

Many of our mobile phones cannot download any content from x-learn. So here is a new source.