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Rooting your Android phone


The term Rooting comes from Unix/Linux and attributes a user with Super User rights.Rooting in android is a process of getting Super User rights and giving access to certain applications on your android device. This is similar to Administrator mode in windows.This is called Jail Breaking in case of Iphone.
When you buy a new android phone, you will be configured just as a guest user to the phone where you cannot change any settings to system files.

Why do phone manufacturers create a guest user for the customers? 


The manufacturers configure as guest user because they don't want the customers to explore certain sensitive parts of the software which may accidentally cause some damage to the phone beyond the repair. This(Guest configuration )makes the customer to stay on a stabled,preloaded version of android and hence forth it will be easy for the manufacturers to provide necessary updates to the customers.

This guest mode is enough for most of the people, but the one who expects more from their phone can really make use of this Rooting technique.


Advantages of Rooting: 


Having Super User rights allows the user to a number of things which normal(guest) user cannot do.

Many of us might have heard the word 'Overclocking' in computers. The same thing applies to this.
Overclocking means making the processor to work at higher clock speed than of its original speed. This derives the greatest power from the processor to handle some high end applications, while under clocking is opposite to that of Overclocking.(Under clocking is used for resting the processor when the screen is off    

Friday, 21 December 2012

How to control a computer remotely through internet

Remote desktop(a built-in program in windows Operating System) is the most common and the best way to control a computer remotely from any other computer. But this can be used only when the target computer(controlled computer) and the controlling computer are both connected with in a same network.

For example, in our C programming lab or Auto cad lab a number of systems are connected to a switch (switch ~ a device which helps to communicate any computer with any other computer with in the network).

More on Remote desktop

As I said earlier, Remote desktop can be used only when the system are connected in a same Local Network. How can we control any other computer if they are not connected with in a network???

This can be done by using a third party software. Team viewer is a software which is used to remote control a computer through internet by creating a Virtual Network between the two systems.

To do this both, controlled computer and the controlling computer should have the team viewer software installed.

Using Team viewer:


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Incredible way of future transportation- Straddling 3d bus

Imagine one day you driving on road, then one huge "moving tunnel" flying overhead, carring with hundreds of people, you may think it is dream, but it is true, soon this incredible Straddling Bus (3D Bus) will appear on streets, this bus step across two lanes with hollow lower part, so cars can pass through, compared with Metro, Straddling Bus has lower cost,shorter construction period and almost same passenger capacity,it's more economical way of future urban traffic. from this video, you will see how it works, you will be shocked by this innovative way of transportation. video credit - ChinaTBS.

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Step wise instructions for joining this blog

One should become a member(author) to get access of all the content and the also to get the privilege of posting any content. Here is the step wise instructions for joining this blog.

First request the blog administrator to register your gmail id with the blog by any means(i.e., by comments or by email). Then you will receive an email id(invitation) on your email inbox like the picture shown below

Then open the mail and click the first link provided to accept the invitation as shown below

How to recover unallocated space of a USB flash drive?

USB pen drives are best among the removable storage devices. They are easy to use and portable.
These pen drives have grown very popular and became a substitute for Optical Media(CD,DVD)

Installing Operating system has become very easy with flash drives. With its huge capacity, people are using it as a bootable device. Many of us have might have installed operating systems like Ubuntu, Chrome OS, Linux Mint etc., using a pen drive. But the problem arises when we burn an image file to the pen drive for the purpose of installing an OS through a pen drive.

After burning an image file to a pen drive, there is a chance for some of the space to become unallocated. This occurs mostly when we burn Ubuntu, Mac OS, Chrome OS image files. Even formatting the drive doesn't help us. No need to worry and don't run to the warranty shop to claim the warranty.

When I've burned Ubuntu 12 image to a pen drive for the purpose of using it as a live cd, it used only 690MB of space of 15GB of my pen drive and the remaining space became as unallocated space.

Here are some of the best methods to give life to unallocated space in pen drive.

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Dual boot windows 8 and windows 7/xp

Windows 8 retail version is out on 26 October 2012. Now it is readily available in the market.
For more on windows 8 Click here

Upgrade to windows 8 or want to stuck to windows 7?????

You don't need to leave windows 7 to experience windows 8. You can just dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 as we used to for windows 7 and windows xp dual boot or windows xp/7 and Linux dual boot.

But there is a quite change in dual booting windows 7(/XP) and windows 8. Previously dual boot of windows is not a part of Operating System. But, for windows 8 dual booting is a part of Operating System.

Mastering C++ by KR Venugopal Rao ebook

Dear visitors of b1cse, here is the ebook of "Mastering C++".

Author(s):  KR Venugopal Rao
                 T Ravishankar

Click here to download as ebook(PDF format).

Please upload if you have any advanced version of this book.

Note: Only members of this blog can post anything in the blog.

Watch 3d movies on normal lcd screens

3d movies have become very popular from recent years. Long back we used to have the Ana-glyph technology to watch 3d movies. Now we have newer technologies like polarized videos and shutter glasses to watch such kind of videos.

Till now watching 3d movies is a great deal for us,but now it has become easier with the Ana-glyph technology. We don't need any polarized videos or screens for watching 3d movies or videos at home. Of course 3d TV's perform well than this technology.

To watch 3d Anaglyph videos on a non 3d monitor or laptop,we just need:
1. Anaglyph Red blue/cyan glasses

2. Ana-glyph videos
3. 3rd party software for watching non anaglyph 2d videos as anaglyph 3d videos.

All latest graphics card do have a stereoscope mode to view the display in stereoscope, but for pc's or laptops that don't have additional graphic card can make use of this tutorial.

Buy any Anaglyph 3d glasses from any online sites like ebay, flipkart,etc.,
Click here to see various anaglyph glasses available on ebay.
It costs around 100-200 INR. 

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Add your voice

  • The Internet has connected more than two billion people around the world.
  • Some governments want to use a closed-door meeting in December to increase censorship and   
  •       regulate the internet.
  • Join together to keep the Internet free and open.
    Pledge your support for the free and open Internet: “A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice.”

    For more info: